Part 4: Reserve against all inventory in Dynamics NAV?

With a title very similar to my last post – have we covered this already? Well no, as this relates to the missing option for quarantine inventory within Dynamics NAV. How do we ensure that sub-standard or defective items are not reserved and an instruction to pick and despatch them is sent to the warehouse?

So in my experience most companies have a quarantine area where defective items are put prior to being disposed of. In NAV this lends itself to identifying a number of bins as the quarantine bins and not allowing inventory in those bins to be reserved. There’s a problem with that though in that reservations are against item ledger entries not warehouse entries. What’s in each bin is controlled from the positives and negatives in the warehouse entries. The two don’t match as internal movements and don’t even have an item ledger entry.

This is an issue for planning as well so most companies in my experience end up running a separate ‘virtual’ location where questionable inventory is put.  All sales returns are set to return to that location so the items are not taken into account when planning replenishment for example and also are unable to reserve against until inspected and transferred back into the main location.

Is this ideal – no  – and I’ll be so happy the day that Microsoft introduce a way of quarantining inventory into NAV properly that I’ll run round our local town centre naked singing Pharrell Williams’s ‘happy’ to illustrate my joy.

In the meantime a separate location is the best we’ve got.


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