Make your Dynamics Web Client a tile in your Office 365 portal

This post is a simple one so apologies if you’ve already done this but today I’ve again seen a customer not using Dynamics NAV & Office 365 the way I think they should be used. They had done the hard work by setting up the integrated authentication so that their Office 365 username and password work with their Dynamics NAV install and publishing the web client. Trouble is they didn’t add it to the Office 365 portal but were going round setting up different favourite shortcuts for everyone.

That’s crazy – if you ever change the URL (when the next version some along for instance) you’ll have to re-do them all. Use your Office 365 administration console to add it to the 365 portal as shown below. That way you use one login to the portal and can then get anywhere with Dynamics NAV or CRM just being two more options in the 365 family. And it is really easy to do taking just a couple of minutes when you know where to go – do it once for your entire organisation.



Select that Admin square (you need to be an administrator for the organisation) and then select the Company Profile option.  This will take you into an area where one of the options on the left is ‘Custom Tiles’, select this.


Once in this area click the ‘+’ sign to add a new tile and enter the name of the application plus its URL.  You can even add an image URL as well so it has a nice icon in the portal.




And as the administrator you’re done. Each user now has to select ‘View all my Apps’ at the bottom of the main Office 365 portal menu and then when you see the custom tiles at the bottom, click the 3 dots symbol next to the Dynamics NAV one and select Pin to App Launcher. 


Done – and the best thing is you can change the URL whenever you want now from that central admin point. Also, you are training your users to login to Office 365 for their mail and the other Dynamics applications, which are just there.