Part 1: Why Office 365 with NAV and/or CRM?

For the last couple of years Microsoft have been stressing the benefits of using their business applications with their Office 365 applications. Apart from boosting their profits what benefit does that give?

Well I thought I'd take the opportunity to list the advantages I've seen and even use on a daily basis in my next series of blog posts.

A link to all of the posts in this 5-part series are below;

Office 365 Single Sign-On

The first and easiest benefit to get is what is called single sign on. This means that when you have entered the password security to access you mail and files etc. those same security access rights are used for NAV or CRM?

This means that not only does your organisation only have to setup employees once but they also have one place to turn them off when they leave etc. As office 365 can be set to synchronise with the active directory network security that you might have on your internal network it makes it very easy to administrate. If not then you have a online web portal where you can set people up, do password resets etc.

For the user it means that you have less passwords to remember and change, surely something every user is pleased about. It means that when NAV or CRM interact with office to send mail or create a spreadsheet you don't need to enter your office credentials again, it just works.